How is the education at Grace Christian Academy different from public schools?

GCA has small classes, devoted teachers, an individualized pace of learning, and a safe (emotionally, physically, and socially) environment.  This outstanding mix leads to excellent academic progress, self-confidence, love of learning, and a reinforcement of the Christian values that you teach in the home.  GCA is able to select its own curriculum, allowing us to integrate God and a Christian worldview into every subject. The math story problems, the science theory, the foundations of faith or lack thereof in our history lessons, the moral stories in reading, and every other classroom topic can be tailored to develop a student’s set of values, opinions and overall worldview.  You will see the difference, I guarantee it!

What are the benefits to smaller classroom sizes and multiple grades within each classroom?

Smaller classroom sizes allow more individualized attention from the teachers and volunteers. This allows for faster progress and less chance of a student falling behind.  Multi-grade classrooms have been proven to be a better learning environment than single-grade classrooms. Being in the same class two years in a row allows for different types of learning. At times it provides a subconscious review of facts learned the past year or it allows the child to get a passive introduction to future concepts as they listen to the other grades lessons while they work independently on their own lesson. The multi-grade classrooms also makes it easier to advance a child in one or more subjects or gives a child an opportunity to slow down and work a little bit longer on an area that needs a little more help. It is also helpful for the child to not have to adapt to a new classroom and teacher each year.  There are many more advantages to a well-organized multi-age classroom – call or email if you would like more information.

What resources are available to the students at GCA?

Grace Christian Academy has a computer lab that is available for the teachers to use to supplement their lessons. We have a well-stocked library that offers reading material that is in line with our principles.  We have a gym, outdoor playground equipment, and in-classroom manipulatives.  See our homeschool enrichment program for more classes that we offer.

Is there financial aid available?

Please do not let finances be a barrier.  We know that it is a large investment, and we would be happy to have a confidential conversation with you to determine if any financial aid or other arrangements are available.

I want to find out if GCA is right for my child.  What is the next step if I would like to find out more information?

Click here to contact us to set up a meeting with our administrator or to schedule a classroom visit.  There is no obligation, and we love to show off our kids!