Grace Christian Academy is a Christian school dedicated to training future leaders to have a strong Christian worldview. We teach Jesus Christ as Lord and encourage students to apply Biblical solutions to daily problems, decisions and situations.

GCA offers a well-rounded liberal arts education with an emphasis on academic excellence in a Christian atmosphere. Students interact with dedicated Christian teachers, staff and volunteers. Our school equips students to affect their culture by being salt and light to their world. Students also prepare to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives in a nurturing, Christian environment, which promotes Biblical, Christian family values.

At Grace Christian Academy we offer:

Personalized education

Our strength lies in our ability to meet your child’s educational needs at his/her level through small group instruction. The teachers and staff work with parents to tailor the educational experience to meet individual needs by subject.  After Kindergarten, Grace does this through multi-grade classrooms. This model allows our students to learn in an environment where they will lead and be challenged by their classmates while maintaining the integrity of age-appropriate peer relationships. It also allows an individual child’s education to be adjusted to meet their skill level. Children are allowed to participate in subjects above or below their grade level to meet their educational needs so that they can ultimately excel.

Low student to teacher ratio

We have a low student/teacher ratio, with a maximum student capacity of 12 students per class, and are therefore able to provide an engaging environment. There are also opportunities for each student to have specialized one-on-one or small group attention in a variety of different subjects.

Secure environment

Our teachers, along with the staff of Grace Christian Fellowship Church, work to provide an atmosphere of safety and security that allows your child the emotional freedom to learn while having their natural trust in authority figures validated.

Excellent staff  

Our teachers are passionate about what they do.  Their desire is to instill a love of learning within the heart of each child at Grace.  They also partner with parents to develop the character and values God desires our children to possess as they teach life skills, problem solving, making God-honoring choices, and overcoming obstacles. As a private Christian school, the teachers have the ability and are equipped to deal with problems that arise in a Biblical manner.

Quality Curriculum

Kindergarten uses the award-winning A Beka curriculum.  Other classrooms primarily use a combination of A Beka and Bob Jones. The teachers evaluate the curriculum each year to ensure the materials accomplish all objectives in a stimulating manner while maintaining a strong Christian worldview.

Standardized testing

In addition to a well-rounded education, Grace offers standardized testing to all of its students utilizing the TerraNova/McGrawHill standard achievement tests. The testing is performed every spring.

Homeschool enrichment

Grace Christian Academy serves the homeschooling community by offering its enrichment classes such as art, PE, music, drama, and hands-on science to families that are currently doing their formal education at home. Homeschool students in grades K-8th may join the full-time students at GCA for enrichment classes, field trips, holiday parties and for our Track and Field Day. If there are any questions that are not answered here or on this page, please call the school at (913) 268-6363.

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