Who are we?

Our motto

ornament1Training Future Leaders with a Christian Worldview.

Who We Are


Grace Christian Academy is a Christian school dedicated to training future leaders to have a strong Christian worldview. We teach Jesus Christ as Lord and encourage students to apply Biblical solutions to daily problems, decisions and situations.

Our history


GCFC decided to open a school that would emphasize excellence in education that is based on a Biblical worldview, Christian leadership, and effective communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

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More than a school…

Grace Christian Fellowship Church

ornament1Grace Christian Fellowship Church is not just a friendly church,
but a family church located in Shawnee, KS.

Grace Child Care

ornament1GCFC has a state accredited child care facility and staff that is dedicated to the goal of impacting the attitudes and experiences of your child during their precious preschool years.

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  • Jeydan U.


    "Everybody is so nice and friends are made easily!"
  • Rueshunda D.


    "Grace Christian Academy has been a bigger blessing to my family's life than I could have imagined. As a single mother attempting to be actively involved in my children's education, I was looking for an option that would: 1) support the Christian values and principles that I am teaching at home. 2) realize that the child prospers when parents and teachers work together. GCA met both of these goals and has blessed my child, my family, and myself. The school provides a supportive learning environment that my child can focus and thrive in. The teachers have a vested interest in my child, as a person and, as a future contributor to society. Each teacher has shared ideas with me to improve my child's challenges, focus on his strengths, and bring out his talents. This means they know my child and care about him. I remember my first parent teacher conference, and many afterwards, where the teacher prayed with me for my child. What an impact!"
  • Jessica R.

    They have the ability to center my daughter's education around her needs and make a conscience effort to ensure she does not fall behind. I have seen a huge change in my daughter!

    "I actually came upon GCA by chance,  I had driven by the church on numerous occasions cause I use Quivira a lot and one day I decided to check it out online. I was looking for a new school for my daughter due to her last priviate school being so negative and unstructured. I wanted a school with small classes, a school that was Christ centered, had a positive atmosphere, and experienced teachers and that's what I got. GCA is a great school! The teachers know me very well and are always available if I have questions or concerns. The teachers are have been teaching longer than I have been alive and I love that! They have the ability to center my daughter's education around her needs and make a conscience effort to ensure she does not fall behind. I have seen a huge change in my daughter; she is more confident, she does speeches, participates in plays and she even sang a solo. Prior to attending GCA was daughter was very self-conscious, she would not speak in public or to people she did not know, now I can't get her to stop talking and talking and talking. Every year I consider sending my daughter to public school because the cost of private education is a big expense for me. It is a sacrifice for me, as I have to work overtime and double shifts at work to get her tuition paid. But when I think about how well my daughter has flourished, how good the school is and how great an education she is getting, it is all worth it. It is worth giving up some of my material comforts like: fewer vacations, living in a smaller house or giving fewer gifts at Christmas , so my child can get the best education available. I love GCA and I would recommend it to any parent that wants their child(ren) to have the best. God Bless!" ."